Big game fishing

Big game fishing

Big game fishing takes place offshore and often requires special equipment .
Whether one is professional, passionate or novice, it always provides incredible sensations that no other fishing can match. It is full of emotions, rebounds and rich memories, and is the object of numerous excursions organized by specialists in Senegal, Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Thailand etc.

Which species can you expect to catch while big game fishing ?

The big game fishing concerns a multitude of mainly tropical species: :
tuna (striped, yellow, red, dog teeth, yellowfin tuna) - marlin - swordfish - shark - carangue - grouper - amberjack - dorado dolphinfish - spearfish - barracuda - cobia - ray - bonito – wahoo – porgy - pickerel - sailfish – thazard - snappers - mahi mahi - jack-knifefish - albacore etc.

Which techniques are used for big game fishing ?

The techniques used are specific to this type of fishing. Here are the most common names: heavy trolling (rooster fish, marlin, tuna ...), fast trolling to lures , slow trail to live or dead bait, popping , jigging (dog tooth tuna, grouper, trevally, wahoo, tuna, pagre, shark or amberjack), broumé, palangrotte, cataline, adrift (yellowfin tuna), live.

An important condition: fitness !

Big game fishing is not an activity of any rest. True sport in its own right, it requires the use of sophisticated equipment , but also, and above all, it solicits your own strength . It is not given to everybody to get out of the water a fish of its own weight (or more), especially if one also takes into account the strength of the currents !
It therefore undoubtedly requires important physical qualities as well as an endurance to the effort.
Internationally renowned sport, for big game fishing, take out your biggest muscles if you want to practice it fully and successfully !

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